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Escalate to a new level and Start your own Kingdom Escalate your dynamism and let nothing weigh you down.


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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

The individuals both men and women belonging to this zodiac sign are Sensual. Decisive, Reliable The body parts of the Individuals associated with this zodiac sign is Throat. Neck Thyroid Gland. Vocal tract The psychological sides of which get affected are recuperative forces. The individuals under this sign are prone to diseases related Throat. Diseases gwen above arc caused due to Over• indulgence and too much comfort lie at the roots of most disorders, but there is also a tendency to brood over troubles which tends force to any pasUng ailments The suggested herbs for men and women are Thyme, Coltsfoot Lovoge. Periwinkle, Plantain, Tansy, Violet, Yarrow. Mint, and Saffron. The favorable flowers are Poppy, Lily, Daisy, Jasmine, Carnation and Red & Wild Rose. Color preferences for this zodiac sign should be White, Green and PtutelShadesof FInk & Blue. The India:dual o f thissignshould consume Banana In their regular meals The products will be manufactured based on Herbs: Fruits and Flowers will escalate to a new level, start your own Kingdome, escalate your dynamism and let nothing weigh you down.

Sensual, Decisive, Reliable



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