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Soar with your passion and let nothing shake it Intensify your passion and feel the power.


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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

The individuals both men and women belonging to this zodiac sign are Intense, Passionate and Determined. The body parts of the individuals associated with thiszodiacsign is Reproductive System. Sexual Organs. Bowels, Excretory System. The psychological sides of which get affected are Procreation & Reproduction. The Individuals under this sign are prone to diseases related to Reproduction System, Sexual Organs. Bowels, Excretory System. Disensns given above are caused due to breaking down of the resistance through worrying and Interaction of others upon the individuals. The suggested herbs for men and women are Basil, Blessed thistle, Garlic Mustard. Nettle. Thistle, Wild Lettuce, Sage and Onion. The favorable flowers are Chrysanthemum Blue, White Gentian and Celandine. Color preferences for this zodiac sign should be Yellow, Purple, Red Rose, Crimson Red, Blood Red and Burgundy Red. The individual of this sign should consume Black Grapes in their regular meals. The products will be manufactured based on herbs, fruits and flowers will soar with your passion and let nothing shake It and intensify your passion, feel the power.

Intense, Passionate, Determined



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