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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

The individuals both men and women belonging to this zodiac sign are Multi – talented, Versatile and Intelligent. The body pasts of the individuals associated with this zodiac sign is Arms, Lungs, Shoulder, Hands, Nervous system and Brain The psychological sides of which get affected is breathing and other related difficulties. The individuals under this sign are prone to deceases related are Bronchial complaints, Consumption issues, Diseases relating nerves. Pneumonis & Pleurisy and diseases like Asthma and Anemia. Diseases given above are caused due to nervous reactions and restlessness form the basis. The suggested herbs for men and women are Caraway seeds, Dill. Elecarnpane, Fenugreek, Oregano, Parsley. Marjoram. Red Clove, Horehound, Eleounpane. Umbrella plant, Mint. The favorable flowers are Lavender, Iris and Lilies. Color preferences for this zodiac sign should be Light Green, Yellow, and Pearl grey. The Individual of this sign should consume Mango In their regular meals. The products will be manufactured based on Herbs. Fruits and Flowers will raise your expectations and show the world your flair let your talents speak to the world.

Multi-talented, Versatile, Intelligent



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