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Aries (March 21 - April 19)

The individuals both men and women belonging to this zodiac sign are Creative. Vibrant and Fearless. The body parts of the individuals associated with this zodiac sign is Head, Face, Brain, Eyes. The psychological sides of which get affected are brain faculties and the distribution of mental and physical energy. The individuals under this sign are prone to diseases like Headache. Feuer, Neuralgia. Eye Troubles, Eruptions and Inflammations, Wounds and Accidents. Diseases given above are caused due to the energies are often in excess of the nervous and mental balance and most ill health has its origins in such things as violent exertion and outbursts of anger the aries person should seek poise at all cost. The suggested herbs for men and women are Marjoram, Garlic, Gotu-Kola, Wild Indigo, Wormwood, Basil, Geranium and Mustard. The favorable flowers are Honeysuckle, Peony, Dahlia and Poppy. Color preferences for this zodiac sign should be Red, Maroon and Crimson. The individual of this sign should consume Lemon and Pear in their regular meals, The products will be manufactured based on Herbs; Fruits and Flouters will boost their moral, double-up their ingenuity, boost theirspirit & double-up their creativity.

Creative, Vibrant, Fearless



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