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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

The individuals both men and women belonging to this zodiac sign are Flamboyant, Intellectual and Extrovert. The body parts of the individuals associated with this zodiac sign is Ankles. Calves, and Circulatory System. The psychological sides of wikies get affected are the circulation and eliminative process. The individuals under this sign are prone to deserves related to accidents to the ankles & complaints affecting those parts of the body, varicose veins, blood poisoning& some nervous diseases. Diseases given above are caused due to nervous causes, usually based on the highly sensitive nature. The suggested herbs for men and women are Barney, Rose Marry. Sage. Minh Fennel, Nyrrh, Arnica, Belladone, Blue-bottle. Cannabis. Fumitory, Horsetail and Knapweed. The favorable flowers an! Orchid, Snowdrop and Peach Blossoms. Color preferences for this zodiac sign should be Greg Dark Blue. Black, Amethyst and Purple. The individual of this sign should consume Papaya in their regular meals The products will be manufactured based on Herbs; Fruits and Flowers will increase your expense and captive the world.

Flamboyant, Intellectual, Extrovert



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